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Welcome to southern Maine's dietitian collective!

A passionate group of dietitians providing empowering complementary health care.  Each dietitian has availability to work closely with their clients to provide ideal outcomes.  Our dietitians go beyond nutrition education and help you create a self care and nutrition routine that is sustainable.  We specialize in women's health, medical nutrition, gastrointestinal health, relationship with food, intuitive eating and so much more.


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12 Week Nutrition Program


Not sure who would be a good fit?

We can help you with that

Working with Jenna has been amazing and truly life changing!  When I first met with her, I was totally defeated.  I had zero confidence, was discouraged, and felt there was no hope for me to lose the weight and get healthy.  I had several medical issues I was facing and had tried a lot of different “diets” with no long-term success.  Not only did Jenna help me lose the weight, she completely changed my negative mental state.  She helped me with every aspect of my life, not just my relationship with food.  Jenna is such a positive ray of light and I can always count on her support to help me reach my goals.  I’ve regained my confidence and I’m now making healthy and sustainable life choices.  I can’t say enough positive things about my experience working with Jenna.  If you’re ready to be the best version of yourself, give her a call and get started.  It may be the most important and healthy change you will make in your life and you deserve it!


Common uses for Nutrition Education, Counseling, and Health Coaching

Women's Health

Weight Inclusion
GI Disorders or Discomfort
General Nutrition Education
Disordered Eating
Prenatal and Postpartum nutrition
Worksite Wellness Promotion

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